CULT SURVIVOR IS SOFIE’S SELF PRODUCED DEBUT ALBUM, RELEASED JUNE 2020. For more information on Cult Survivor and purchasing options, please click here

THERE IS ALSO A CD VERSION OF CULT SURVIVOR, RELEASED OCTOBER 2020, CURRENTLY ONLY AVAILABLE IN JAPAN. A kind thank you to Tower Records for the wonderful in-store feature in the Tokyo and Sendai stores.

IN 2017, SHE RELEASED A 2-LP COMPILATION, SOFIE’S SOS TAPE, of which the purpose was to highlight emerging acts Sofie fundamentally wanted to champion and support. More infos about Sofie’s SOS Tape here. It underwent two vinyl pressings which are since sold out, but if you are interested, the last few copies of the record are available from Discogs sellers for an obscene 100-something euros.